Renaud Muraire portrays modern day individuals, particularly women, within their intimacy.

Responding to media’s current codes, he uses representation of beauty and youth to question self-awareness, appearance and society’s demand.

Renaud Muraire’s subjects often express vulnerability mixed with strength and power, which manifests something of our very contemporary age. He expresses intimacy bayond its appearance: gazes are sharp and flesh is sometimes marked, as scars being part of identity.

The theatricality of appearance brings closer to the subjects: spectator becomes voyeur, and privacy leads to a public scene. Closeness then merges with guilt of intrusion.

These portraits can too be regarded as witnesses of external mutation and the intimate reaction to this change. The consciousness of transience adds a very specific intensity to Renaud Muraire’s work.

Through embezzling stereotypes Renaud Muraire places woman above human, allegory for her representation in today’s society.

Born in Nice, France, he lives and works in Paris.